It’s Time to Get to Know Your New Home!

The General Home Inspection is a turning point to decide if you move forward with your purchase or back out of the deal. Since the Inspection can take 2 hours or longer, you’ll have the opportunity to look at the home in much more depth than you did before making an offer. Open the closets, try out kitchen cabinets, run faucets & showers, measure room sizes, and get a feel for what the home will be like to live in. Make sure your Inspector takes pictures of problem areas so you don’t have to go under the house or on the roof!

Your Inspector is like a Primary Care Physician who refers you to other specialists when needed, so ask for recommendations. You’re welcome to follow the Inspector and ask questions. Take full advantage of your inspectors wealth of knowledge and ask questions, not only about what problems they find, but also how to care for the home. Some crucial questions include:

  • How should I prepare the house for cold weather?
  • Where is the main water shutoff to the house?
  • Are there any recommendations you have to improve the insulation and energy efficiency?
  • Do you have a recommended maintenance schedule?
  • What is your opinion of this type of construction/style of home as far as potential maintenance issues over time?
  • What care should I plan for with a roof of this type?
  • How does the condition of this home compare to the average home you inspect?
  • After your Inspection is complete, you’ll discuss with your Buyer’s Agent what repairs you’d like to ask the seller to take care of

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking to sell your home, or a homeowner wishing to protect your property, a home inspection is an essential component to help you reach your goals. Magic City Inspections, LLC is locally owned and operated by Shane Hillman, ensuring you’ll get personalized service from a friendly member of your community.

Magic City Inspections, LLC will be with you from start to finish as you navigate through the home buying process. Shane is available after your inspection to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have about your property. You can expect to receive prompt, personal, and attentive service.

As a small business, Magic City Inspections, LLC takes great pride in doing excellent work and in building strong relationships with those in our community. We offer competitive rates and a full spectrum of home inspection and testing services under one roof. Shane is here to guide you and simplify the home buying process so you are confident in your decision.